Automated Modular Line for «Lemon Slices» Fruit Jelly Manufacturing

 Автоматизированная  линия  производства мармелада типа «Лимонные дольки»
Output up to 350 kg/h   
Compressed air consumption  
up to 30 l/min
Compressed air pressure
up to 6 atm
Installed power up to73 kW 
Cool water consumptionup to 70 l/min 
Steam consumptionup to 350 kg/h
Steam pressure  up to 6 atm
The modular line is intended for continuous manufacturing of «Lemon Slices» fruit jelly. This type of confectionery contains no products of animal origin.
The line is automated that allows:

  • To reduce the number of operating staff;
  • To enable a more cost-effective production of fruit jelly;
  • To improve competitiveness of your product due to its consistent quality.

Automation of main technological operations allows continuous manufacturing of fruit jelly without waste of time and loss of raw materials. And this in turn brings significant economic gains as well as possibility to have a leading position in confectionery market.

The line is performed in accordance with International Rules of Standardization and System of Product Quality Control (HACCP).

The line for «Lemon slices» fruit jelly manufacturing is equipped with machines and systems based on the cutting-edge developments in confectionery engineering.
The line for «Lemon slices» fruit jelly manufacturing consists of the following equipment:

Automated modular system for jelly mass preparation:
  • Pectin dissolver with heater, water meter, recycling system and pump;
  • Heated supply tank for molasses equipped with pumping unit;
  • Sugar loading unit with pump;
  • Sugar batch-weighting feeder;
  • Cooking kettle with steam heater, agitator and pump;
  • Receiving tank with heater and dosing pump;
  • Pipelines, filtering system and on-off valves;
  • Control cabinet and technological processes monitoring system.

Automated cooking module:
  • Cooking tower;
  • Vapor separator equipped with pump;
  • Supply tank with agitator, heating system and two dosing pumps;
  • Acid, colour and flavor mixing and dosing system with 3 tanks and 3 dosing pumps;
  • Aerating and mixing system;
  • Heated pipelines with on-off valves;
  • Control cabinet and technological processes monitoring system.

Two-high department for forming and cooling, with 3 depositors, sanding section, cutter, cooing system, product turn-over section, vibrating conveyor, conveyor cleaning system, сontrol cabinet and technological processes monitoring system.

Drying section.

Placing conveyor.

Automated CIP-system.