Equipment for the production of aerated zephyr (marshmallow)

Оборудование для производства зефира аэрированного
Output up to 300 kg/h
N of products in a row 6 pc
N of rows in a tray10 pc
Tray dimensions 390 х 790 mm
Time of deposition1,6-6 sec
Air consumption 7 l/min
Voltage supply 3 х 380 V, 50 Hz

Equipment for aerated zephyr producing

The automated equipment for aerated zephyr producing is the most cost effective option, it is ideal for start-up projects. The line includes:

  • zephyr mass preparation automated module
  • depositing machine
  • chocolate enrobing line (option).


  • The automated module provides stable quality of mass from batch to batch
  • Closed production cycle of mass in the absence of environmental contacts until the moment of deposition.
  • Easy and convenient sanitary treatment of the module.
  • Reduction in the number of maintenance personnel in comparison to traditional manufacturing methods.
  • Ergonomic production process management of the mass from a single control panel, equipped with an intuitive touch screen.
  • Reducing the number of critical control points for the HACCP food safety system.
  • Quick installation and launch: the equipment included in the module is already set up and ready for use right after connection.