About Company


Our confectionery equipment:

  • successfully works at large confectionery plants and small enterprises of Russia and CIS.
  • is correspond to combination of the best Russian traditional values with experience and innovative technology solutions.
  • provides a wide range of manufactured products and the utmost stable quality of products.
  • meets the world’s requirements and has certificates confirming this fact.

The confectionery industry is always in motion.  And only one thing remains unchangeable: The constant search for new ideas, flavours, refinement or just convincing brand products. Innovations often come from the technological development and automation of manufactures enabling new confectionery masses, new recipes, new shapes and coatings. Akmalko Engineering is able to fulfill standard solutions and concepts as well as special products with their own requirements. We manufacture a wide range of equipment for the confectionery industry from batch production to continuous fully automated total turn-key projects. Areas we specialized in include Jellies and Fondant sweets, Marshmallow and Zephyr, Pastille and Souffle, Biscuits and Cereal bars, Praline candies and Choux pastries. Akmalko Engineering confectionery equipment is equal to: Quality, Reliability, Design and High performance equipment. Our machines and lines are designed by paying special attention to the complete respect of the hygienic-sanitary standards in force.