Confectionery producing process requires much different equipment outstanding with high precision and complication. Confectionery equipment is cannot be compared with any other equipment of processing industry as it knows no equals.

Our confectionery equipment stands out from other for functionality as well as for automatization level. Our experts have designed and put into operation hundreds of flow-lines producing zephyr, pastille, soufflé, cookies, pastry, candies and jellies. These lines are completely automated, from confectionery masses preparing systems to departments of ready product finishing. Automated flow-lines help to increase production efficiency and a significant increase in productivity, reduce the number of critical control points for the HACCP food safety system and provide stability of technological processes.

But for small and medium-sized enterprises we can offer the equipment with small capacity. Such variant is excellent for start-ups. And for manufacturers who want to produce confectionery of premium quality, bypassing the size and age of their company, we have the ideal decision. Our automated modular units for confectionery masses preparing (we call them “kitchens”) can be perfect addition to forming or depositing machines, as they provide the ability to produce high-quality confectionery with exact observance of all the rules of the technological process.

Our experts are ready to offer the equipment matching to the requirements of your manufacture. Just call us or leave an application on our site.

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