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Equipment for marshmallow "Akmalko Engineering" "Relative" of pastille - marshmallow - was invented more than a hundred years ago. And at first glance, since that time, little has changed in the production technology of this product. But, speaking about the segment itself, experts note that it has significantly expanded and grown, and to date, a high level of competition among Russian manufacturers. From the point of view of the market demand, the marshmallow is stable and unchanged today. Many companies solve the problems of high competition by expanding the range and developing marshmallow recipes that other confectionery factories do not have. And yet, the most important competitive advantage of any confectionery factory in such conditions is the trust of consumers in the brand. Which appears only in the event that the manufacturer offers marshmallows of impeccable quality. Equipment for marshmallow "Akmalko Engineering" is constantly being improved so that a factory working on our equipment should improve its products. Modular cooking areas for marshmallow mass are the most important step on the way to modernization of production. After all, the quality of the final product depends on the quality of the mass. And the automated equipment for mass production of marshmallow allows not only to stabilize all technological processes, but also to improve the quality control system.