Automatic flow-line for production of fruit and berry bars with addition of nuts

Линия батончиков Мюсли, фруктовых и глазированных батончиков типа "Марс"
Output 200 kg/h and more
Muesli sheet width  400/600/800/1000 mm
Muesli bar dimensions 50-120 х 10 х 10-20 mm
Installed capacity20 kW
Weight  3000 kg 
The flow-line for production of muesli bars, fitness bars. All technological processes are automated, what allows for a continuous production process.
This option will suit you if you:
  • Want to occupy an attractive niche in the confectionery market before others: Production of fitness and granola bars is only beginning to develop, so competition in this area is still small.
  • Plan to produce products for specialized stores (tourism, hunting, outdoor activities), as well as for pharmacies and health food store chains.
Our flow-line for production of muesli and fitness bars is universal, designed to produce a wide range of bars, easily reconfigurable.
Advantages of our equipment:
  • Stability of technological processes: due to a significant reduction in the risks from human factor.
  • Blocking of cutters operation is provided for safety.
  • An air cooling system allows you to adjust speed of the cooling flow.
  • Simple technological processes and economical ingredients are used for the production on the line, the finished product is inexpensive.
  • Reducing the number of critical control points for the HACCP food safety system.