Automatic Module for Continuous Cooking of Jelly Masses

Автоматизированный комплекс приготовления мармеладной массы
Installed capacity 14,7 kWt
Operating volume of steam boiler tank  375 l
Syrup receiving tank volume  250 l
Syrup  supplying tank volume   250 l
Dosing unit tanks volumes  3 х 10 l
Pump system capacity2 cubic meter/hour
Agitator number of revolutions  70 rev/min
The hygienic and economic modular system for continuous cooking of all types jelly masses (gelatin or pectin-based) is an excellent option for a start-up with the ability to produce high-quality jellies with exact observance of all the rules of the technological process.
This option will suit you if you:
  • Are planning to begin confectionery production and want to start with making the fastest pay-off, jelly.
  • Already produce jelly, but you want to automate the preparation processes for jelly mass in order to achieve better quality and reduce losses from rejects to a minimum.
  • Make confectionery items with a jelly filling and want this mass to be always of high quality and stable.
Automatic Module for Continuous Cooking of Jelly Masses provides:
  • Convenient control due to a single control panel for all operations.
  • Quick installation and launch: the equipment included in the module is already set up and ready for use right after connection.
  • Stability of technological processes: due to a significant reduction in the risks from human factor.
  • Ability to reduce confectionery costs by reducing percentage of rejects to a minimum.
  • Reducing the number of critical control points for the HACCP food safety system.