ONE SHOT Depositor for Production of Filled Candies АК-1030

Отливочная машина ONE SHOT для изделий с начинкой АК-1030
Output 100-150 kg/h
Number of items in a row 
Moulding speed 15-20 strikes per minute
Voltage supply 3 х 380 V
Table rise height 80 mm
Air consumption 55 l/min
Air pressure up to 7 bar

ONE SHOT Depositor for Production of Candies and Jelly

АК-1030 is the latest developed One-Shot depositor from Akmalko Engineering. The AK-1030 is designed for small and medium production of solid and filled candy centers by using the One-shot principle.

The Machine can also produce dual-layered products and One-Shot with ingredients. This Machine is suitable for production candy centers from chocolate, jelly, fondant, caramelized, cream and whipped confectionery masses. Condensed milk as well as jelly, whipped, fatty, sticky consistency or praline masses can be used as filler.

Using One-shot technology, mould cavities are filled with both chocolate and filling at the same time. This technique has been strongly refined in the last few years thanks to the improved electronic control of all dosing parameters. The high-filling percentage of this dosing system and the excellent compatibility with a wide range of sugar-based masses and fatty creams, have determined a fast growth of the demand for one-shot products.

Advantages of ONE SHOT depositor:

  • Smaller dimension of the equipment;
  • Lower investment;
  • Easy replacement of an old plain chocolate depositor with a new one-shot depositor integrated into existing moulding plant;
  • Depositor flexibility for wide range of articles (cream filling, cream filling with small inclusions, plain chocolate, plain chocolate with inclusions);
  • Lower energy consumption .