Automatic modular flow-line for pastille producing

Автоматизированная линия производства пастилы (однослойной и двухслойной)
Output300 kg/h
Steam pressure up to 6 atm. 
Installed capacity  200 kW
Cold water consumption up to 0,3  m3/h
Compressed air consumptionup to 50 lt/min 
Steam consumption up to 270 kg/h

This option will suit you if you:

  • Plan to expand production and improve its technical level by automating all operations for the production of pastille.
  • Want to increase profitability of production, increasing the volume of products and starting the development of new markets.
  • Are going to optimize working conditions at the factory by introducing advanced automation and mechanization technologies.
  • Work with large retail chains and you need a reliable guarantee of volumes for execution of contract orders

Completely automated flow-line for pastille production (one-layered or two-layered) with volumes of 300 kg/hr.

  • Quick installation and launch: the equipment included in the module is already set up and ready for use right after connection.
  • Supply tanks allow the line to be loaded with ingredients for the entire full shift. This reduces the number of operations to ensure continuous operation of the line.
  • Comfortable work with retail chains, due to the great flexibility of the equipment in terms of productivity.
  • Reducing the number of critical control points for the HACCP food safety system.
  • Stability of technological processes: due to a significant reduction in the risks from human factor.