Fruit Jelly Producing Line (forming into silicone moulds)

Линия производства мармелада (отливка в силиконовые формы)
Output             300 kg/h  
Voltage supply 3 х 380 V, 50 Hz
Product moulding cycle 1,7 sec
Installed capacity up to 35 kW
N of items in a row 8
This line is intended for fruit jellies depositing into silicone moulds. The equipment can be manufactured with the output of 150 kg/h, 300 khg/h or 500 kg/h.
As an alternative to starch moguls starchless technology is significantly more cost-effective in every aspect: capital cost, space, energy consumption, labour and consumables. Depending on a Customer requirements we supply moulding machines with one or two hoppers, for production of plain or dual-colored fruit jelly.
Depositing jelly syrup at final moisture into silicone moulds provides superior product quality. This creates confectionery pieces that are perfectly shaped, with a smooth surface finish, no air bubbles and no sharp edges. Starchless depositing offers greater quality and flexibility than traditional methods such as starch depositing.
Setup is quick and easy using the simple touch screen. Recipe control, full process visualization and alarm management make it easy to monitor and control the process. Silicone moulds have standard variants (with rectangular, square, elliptic or circular meshes) or more complicated if required.

Starchless moulding is the most cost effective method available for the manufacture of jellies. Production costs are significantly reduced compared with traditional starch moulding while the specially developed process based on depositing technology produces jellies of unmatched quality and consumer appeal.

We provide complete process solution including recipes, product development, equipment and process support. You will get complete cooking and depositing solutions from one supplier.